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Wedding Videography and Photography - Differences, advantages, pros, and cons

When we are talking about your wedding day, we understand that the most important thing about it is living the moment, enjoying every single detail and the company of your most loved ones.

Suddenly, the big day ends and you start your marriage life with your partner at your side

One year later, during your first anniversary, you talk about how much has happened since that day, and you want to relive those magical moments. Couples often have two ways to travel back in time to their wedding day: photos and video.

The most common way to preserve wedding memories are photographs, most probably, your parents or grandparents have shown you their wedding albums, with dozens of photos of different moments of their wedding, and that sure is amazing, be able to visualize those moments again, even if it’s just in your head.

Wedding Videography or Cinematography has come to renew the way you look at these memories… Having a wedding film is something that not everyone considers as important as having a collection of wedding photographs, but the reality is that it has many differences and advantages, and like everything, of course, it also has its cons:


Bride & Groom dancing at wedding

Still vs Moving

While a photo can capture exact moments of your wedding day (which is great), a wedding movie captures the whole scene, audio, and video! Just imagine hearing your partner’s vows again, the words that your parents dedicated to both of you, no one can put a price on that.

Memories that your children and grandchildren will have the opportunity to experience. Something, that some decades ago, wasn’t possible… Plus, we make 4K quality videos, it’ll be like you’re there again!


The experience of “REMEMBERING”

Another thing to have into consideration is the experience that you’ll have after the final photo album or video is delivered to you.

You can print a photo many times, hang it on your wall, put it in a frame on your desktop at work, etc. It gives you flashes of those special moments that you lived with your partner.

On the other hand, a wedding film is a full emotional experience, the most common situation is to watch it along with your partner, hugging in your couch or bed, you take the time to remember all those magical moments and put all your attention to that, it’s a time to remember things that maybe you had forgotten about, it reinforces the closeness of your relationship.

In the end, both cinematography and photography can bring everlasting experiences and memories; we have decided to focus on wedding cinematography because it’s our passion, but it comes 100% to your personal preferences to decide which one is the best for you.

Indian Bride & Groom


Do I need both?

It’s very common to hear people saying things like “you can’t hang a video on your wall”, but you’ll be your own judge when it comes to deciding the way you want to preserve the most important day of your lives.

We recommend getting both services for your celebration because each one can be so special in its own way and representation, but an important thing to know is that these services are often got by different providers, one specialized in wedding cinematography, and the other, specialized in wedding photography.

Why? Because when booking companies that offer specific services, you can be sure that you’ll get the best results.

It’s important to understand that the price of services of this kind will not be an expense but an investment. Keep in mind that the final result will be Hollywood quality, if that is not worth it, then what?

If you’re interested in having Ruiz Films recording the most important day of your life as a couple, please feel free to contact us, we offer wedding cinematography packages customized for any type of wedding.


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