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Planning your Indian Wedding in Mexico with Shaadi Destinations

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

First, congratulations! Nothing beats the jitters of preparing for your wedding day. And second, bravo! Selecting Cancun, Los Cabos or anywhere else in Mexico as your Indian wedding location speaks well to your refined taste.

Your day should be paradise, and Shaadi Destinations will ensure that you get nothing less than your wedding dreams come true; Mexico will turn your day into something truly magical.

From the beautiful beaches that offer you a chance to have an Indian beach wedding to the vibrant culture and heritage Mexico offers, you will find everything you need to make your day special. 

And if that is not enough, Shaadi Destinations ensures that you have the most affordable prices for the occasion: from booking hotel rooms to venues, and Indian catering, Shaadi Destinations will have everything ready for you.

Do not forget your guests. They will make a point of buying plane tickets to Mexico so that they can celebrate your auspicious day; the least you can do is make their experience phenomenal.

Relax! Mexico is already taking most of the burden away from you. A combination of the Mexico sun downer terrace vibes, touring locations, and good weather will make the experience feel like a free vacation for your guests.


Now that you have an idea of what you will be getting yourself into, let’s look at the benefits of having your Hindu destination wedding in Mexico. And, oh! These tips apply for your Sikh destination wedding as well.

Benefits of having your Indian destination wedding in Mexico


This one word sums up everything about having an Indian wedding in Mexico. Think about it, from the beautiful ocean views along the Cancun coast to the 5-star hotels and excellent cuisine; combined with the traditional spice and color that is traditional to Indian weddings, everything you experience will be beautiful. Additionally, the Indian destination wedding packages in Mexico are reasonably priced.

Shaadi Destinations ensures that you get the best prices for all your wedding needs. You will get an all-inclusive package that will save you high costs. Besides, the price will give you value for money.

Mexico being a substantial tourist industry means that hotels continuously strive to be modern and fabulous, being the Riviera Maya and Los Cabos the most important areas for tourism. Therefore, you will have access to beautiful venues for your wedding. Besides, the hotels ensure they respect the values and traditions of preparing your Indian Wedding.

These hotels also provide playgrounds that will keep children busy as you prepare for your wedding. This means that your wedding guests can travel to your destination wedding with their children without worry.

There are also plenty of handicaps accessible golf carts in most of these hotels. The next thing that you want to be perfect on your wedding day is the accessibility of Indian food. Mexico is home to other Asian communities. Hence, getting Indian food is easy in the country.

Moreover, getting flights to major Mexican cities from different locations is easy. Your vendors and guests will have an easy time arriving at your Indian destination wedding in Los Cabos or Cancun.

Additionally, your guests can extend the days they spend in Mexico and make an entire holiday experience out of it. They can either come a few days early or stay behind after the wedding. 

The best times to have your wedding in Mexico include the months of December through to April. This is also the peak season in the country. You will experience the best weather during these times.

If you want better deals, wait for October and November. However, be wary of the weather during this period. It is possible to experience extreme heat and rain. You do not want your hair and makeup to get messy.

Best Wedding Venues

Some of the popular Mexico destinations for Indian weddings include the Quintana Roo coast, Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta. If this is your first time visiting Mexico and you have no idea which locations will suit your wedding plans, you can consider hiring a planner.

You will also have access to South Asian Wedding Planners to safeguard your wedding traditions.

We highly recommend Juan Carlos Castillo, he’s one of the best Indian and Sikh wedding planners in all Mexico!

Shaadi Destinations are known for offering the best destination wedding advice, additionally, they offer suggestions according to the couple's preference. Therefore, finding the best venue for Mexico destination weddings should not be impossible.

But, if you still want an idea of what your wedding venue will look like, here is our best venue list.

Cancun and the Mexican Caribbean (Riviera Maya)

This has become the primary location for many Indian destination weddings. This is because it offers easy accessibility to the United States, a massive variety of wedding vendors, stunning beach views, and affordable food and accommodation rates. 

Los Cabos

Los Cabos has the most beautiful beach on the West coast. Hence, it stands to reason that it is one of the best wedding destinations for Indians. The location has the beautiful Rocky Mountains that work together with the calm, clean beach waters to provide a stunning wedding venue. Hence, if you want an exotic site that is also easy to reach, Los Cabos is your bet.

Puerto Vallarta

On the other hand, Puerto Vallarta offers a rich culture, pristine beaches, and many other activities for guests to enjoy. Also, most of the resorts on the Puerto Vallarta coast can handle a destination Indian wedding.

Your Hotel Options

Finding the right hotel in Mexico can be overwhelming because of the vast choices available. Start by deciding what you want for your wedding. For instance, do you want a hotel that will offer you a balance of intimacy and seclusion? Tell Shaadi Destinations, and they will get the hotel you need.

Consider your guests as well. Will you have older adults coming to Mexico? Ensure they can safely walk between different venues in the Mexican weather. This hotel list will give you a sense of what works. 

  • Hard Rock Riviera Maya

  • Grand Palladium Costa Mujeres

  • Generations Riviera Maya

  • Hyatt Ziva Cancun

  • Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta

  • Royalton Riviera Cancun

  • Hard Rock Cafe Los Cabos (New)

To make your Indian wedding in Mexico Special

Get beach access. It will give you the oomph factor that you will not have in the city. Ensure that you keep watch of the weather. Seating in a suit under a 95-degree scorching sun will be uncomfortable for your guests.

Indian weddings in Mexico are also made memorable as a result of pool parties. Your hotel can host a private pool party for you and your guests. Also, you can add some Mexican food to your Indian food palette. 

Indians love Mexican food almost as much as they love Indian food. The variety will be a welcome decision. Because of the heat from the Mexican weather, you can find a balance for your traditional wedding clothes. This is especially crucial if you are having an Indian Beach Wedding.

Also, pack extra Kurtas for your fashion changes. For your entertainment, add some mariachis band. You can also find a band in Mexico if you did not come with your DJ. Also, consider your décor and venue.

Your venue and décor will significantly determine the outcome of your Indian wedding photography and film. Even with the best wedding cinematography services like ours at Ruiz Wedding Films, you will still get a poor wedding video outcome if your venue is not decorated professionally. 

All this can be a lot of work for a bride and groom. Therefore, as an alternative, let Shaadi Destinations keep watch of such details for you. This will leave you with enough room to worry about looking perfect for your spouse.  

But while you are looking perfect and enjoying your day, remember your guests. Make sure they have time to do their thing or relax. Rehearsing for a Sangeet can only be as good as having free time for other activities. 

Therefore, give your guests time to relax on the beach or at the pool. 


It is almost impossible for wedding plans to start and finish smoothly. But, that does not mean that you cannot enjoy your entire wedding experience. A destination wedding in Mexico will give you the wedding of your dreams.

Shaadi Destinations will also ensure that you do not have to worry about planning for your wedding. Don’t forget to hire the best wedding videographer and photographer; trust us, you want a record of your wedding memories for years to come. 

Ruiz Films services will make your memories last forever in a film. Our photographer partner, Gareth Davies Photography, will also capture unexpected moments that will build your love legacy. Overall, a destination Indian wedding in Mexico is not something you can afford to miss. 



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