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The perfect allies –and the best destinations– for Weddings in Mexico.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Imagine the scene; beautiful hot weather with the sun baking down, a cooling breeze swaying through the tops of the trees and a blushing bride waiting for the ideal moment to walk down the aisle through her guests, to the love of her life. This is the moment the couple have been waiting for, planning for and dreaming of since the start of their journey to coupledom.

Capture the moment forever

The twinkling turquoise waters glinting in the background, like the diamonds in the rings of the married guests present. Many of them thinking back to their own weddings; long faded in memories, the photographs fading in life by now too. The view makes sure the guests all know that this is a destination wedding that they will never forget.

The best destination wedding photographer of Cancun is snapping away, doing his job as expertly as the rest of the wedding party has. Collectively there’s an intake of breath as the beautiful bride appears and there’s a jolt of electricity that runs through the crowd.

The photographer captures it in moments of freeze frames... but the wedding party will never again get to relive the moment in its entirety. They have left out the most vital element of the entire day. They have forgotten to book the best destination wedding videographer of Cancun for the day, and will never again experience the energy of the guests and the groom as the bride appears. That moment has been lost. Forever.

Book the best!

Don’t make the same mistake as this bride! Snapshots are perfect, and a beautiful way to immortalize your moment in a way that can be displayed for years to come. It captures fleeting expressions on faces and tender moments that will be frozen in time for eternity. But the partnership between destination wedding photography in Los Cabos and destination wedding videography in Los Cabos is one that is made of perfection! And the same goes for destination wedding photography in Tulum and destination wedding videography in Tulum, or destination wedding photographer in Playa del Carmen and destination wedding cinematographer in Playa del Carmen. You get the idea! No matter which area of the above your wedding is set to take place, we will partner with the photographer to ensure that every little part of your day is captured, right down to the very essence.

Talking about partnering, we want to introduce our friend and partner Gareth Davies, who does lovely wedding photography in Los Cabos, Cancun, and many other locations around Mexico.

Actually, all the photos used in this post are his!

Diamonds are forever

And so are the photographs that you will have from your wedding. As time goes on and life gets busy, memories fade. It is important to have these moments to look back on, to remember with fondness all the moments that stood out. But it’s the other little moments that will be soon be forgotten as time marches on, the funny little speech that the best man made; the joy on the faces of the grandparents as they watched the ceremony; the fun at the party afterwards. And that is where destination wedding cinematography of Mexico steps in.

So many choices

It is so easy to feel completely overwhelmed in the planning and implementation of a wedding, and even more when the wedding is a destination wedding. Even the very first steps become slightly more complicated when you have a destination wedding – because you need to decide on the destination first. With so many choices in Mexico – let's face it, Mexico is stuffed full of idealistically beautiful spots oozing the perfect amount of romance too – that it becomes quite difficult to choose (unless you have a sentimental reason for your choice). Mexico is so easy to access too, with most destinations being a direct flight from most areas of the US. The wonderful thing about a destination wedding is that when you choose a local company to do your videography combined with a local photographer, you can rest assured that you will have expert knowledge on the best spots to capture your moments forever!

How do we choose

We recommend looking at the locations mentioned above (Cancun and Los Cabos being the most popular choices, followed by Tulum, Playa del Carmen, and Puerto Vallarta) if you haven’t got a fixed idea in your mind yet. Each location is individual and will tickle your imagination; but at the same time, they all have that little sprinkling of magic that is so necessary to make your wedding stand out above the crowd. They are chock-full of luxurious hotels and first-class service that will make you feel truly pampered and prepared to face to your big day. They all have the glistening waters that you would imagine, as well as the natural beauty that Mexico is renowned for (which make for amazing photographs and videos too).

If all the locations speak volumes to you, it may be useful to look at the logistics on paper. Consider which coast is closest for your guests, which is more easily accessible. Which would be a little cheaper for your guests to travel to, which location has a greater infrastructure of hotels and all-inclusive resorts. Are you looking for scenery, culture or nightlife, or a blend of all? Maybe you’re looking for a wedding package that will rock your socks, and many hotels offer spectacular options that you could make your choice easier.

Is there a best time of year?

In Mexico, we are incredibly lucky with our weather patterns as the weather tends to be warm all year round. However, as with all Countries, Mexico certainly has a ‘best’ time of year. The hurricane season lasts from June to October, and this is when most of the annual rainfall will occur. The rain could lash down for an hour or two before the sunshine returns, which will be no problem if you weren’t planning on getting hitched on the beach. You can still get fantastic photo opportunities, and your videographer will not hesitate at all to provide you with a film that captures every moment. This small window period will see more competitive prices and probably would be slightly quieter in terms of tourism too, so if you’re looking for a budget friendly option it would be wise to consider this.

If it will be impossible for your guests to make a wedding that doesn’t include some holidays, you will be looking at the peak season. This includes Christmas, Easter and school holiday periods.

The absolute best and idyllic weather will be found between the months of November and April, and this is the driest season.

Should we get a wedding planner?

The short answer is YES! The longer answer is yes too. Wedding planners go a long way in alleviating a lot of wedding stress, as this is their day job. They also understand the importance of communication, and they know all the little ins-and-outs of destination weddings in Mexico. They know what to expect when it comes to hotels and wedding venues, and they will not be led along the garden path as they are not tourists. They could end up saving you money in the long run. Choosing Mexico as the destination for your wedding is full of advantages, the foremost one being that you definitely get more for your money in comparison to the US. There are so many options too; whether it’s a traditional chapel wedding or beach wedding, something totally exotic like a cenote wedding (yes, you get those!) or a wedding in a private villa. Your wedding planner will certainly be able to help you decide on which suits you best.

Still think you only need a photographer?

Weddings with only a photographer are great. Hopefully your photographer will manage to get good shots of every moment that you think would be perfect, and hopefully nothing happens to the film (we have heard nightmare stories too!).

But if you want your wedding to be enjoyed for many years to come, you have definitely come to the right place. Wedding videographers and cinematographers offer you just that – a chance to relive your wedding over and over again, particularly on the occasions that are the most special to you (on your wedding anniversary perhaps?). It is also a fabulous way to share your special day with guests that couldn’t make it to the actual destination, and a beautiful way for your children to share in the magic and the excitement that made up your special day in the years to come.


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