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An Indian Wedding Planner like no one else


Today we want to introduce you to our finest collaborator when it comes to Indian, Sikh and South Asian Destination Weddings in Mexico: Juan Carlos Castillo from JC Castillo Weddings.

Juan Carlos is “The Wedding Planner” when it comes to these types of weddings that involve so many details… We are happy to have the opportunity of working with him and his team, and that is why we have taken the time to write this review.


The Planning

JC Castillo works along with Shaadi Destinations -an “award-winning Indian destination wedding agency”- to create the most epic Hindu wedding experiences.

The agency with which he works is one of the most important ones in all Mexico, and they´ve chosen Juan Carlos as their partner for one simple reason: his passion for weddings and love stories!

Do you really know all that is involved in the planning of a Sikh or Indian Wedding? The venue, transportation, accommodations, decor, DJ, music band, wedding videographer, wedding photographer… And the list goes on and on...

He gives it all to the couple and its celebration for love, his expertise covers everything listed above and more than you can imagine, when he’s in charge he doesn’t miss a single detail, he designs the wedding from the flowers to the hairstylist and makeup, and knows exactly which vendors to bring, not those who he likes the more, but those who will perfectly fit for your type of wedding and its needs.

He covers the Riviera Maya (Cancún, Playa del Carmen & Tulum) and Los Cabos areas mostly, offering the best quality services, personalized attention, planning & design, and high-class providers.


The Venues

JC works with several 5-star hotels & resorts along the Riviera Maya and Los Cabos to make your wedding unforgettable; choose together the right one for your wedding, be it a Garden or a Beachfront Saloon you can trust that the decor, lights, tables, dancefloor and all the big and tiny details will be in order for you only to enjoy your big day!


Our experience together

JC Castillo Weddings and Ruiz Films have worked together several times, him by doing the planning, decoration and logistics and us by recording and preserving the magical moments of the weddings.

Together (And with help of other amazing wedding services providers, such as Gareth Davies Wedding Photography) we have achieved unforgettable experiences for many couples on their Indian and Sikh Wedding Ceremonies and Parties!


Our work has been appreciated by the brides and grooms (Most important!), but also by media such as The Times of India (You can read the article by clicking here), which makes us very happy because we put all of our creativeness and heart on each wedding.

We trust you’ll love JC Castillo’s work, please take a look to his Instagram to get a visual idea of all that he can do, and, if you’re planning your wedding and want the best of the best, don’t hesitate on checking our portfolio to visualize your unique Indian Wedding Film.



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