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Monica and Ronak's Wedding

Perfect Time for an Indian Wedding in Riviera Maya

Monica and Ronak were ready to have their big destination wedding in Riviera Maya, initially, they were planning a wedding for more than 250 guests. Unfortunately, they never imagined due to Covid-19 pandemic this could no longer be possible.

We are sure many couples have had to go through the same thing due to the pandemic and deal with fact to change all their plan. But true love, after all, requires sacrifices, and they really longed to have this special moment in their lives, mostly during these times. We believe celebrating love is what we must continue doing, we just need to find creatives ways.

And they did find a way, with the help of wedding planner JC Castillo Wedding they turned their original plan of a large wedding into a charming and intimate ceremony with a shorter guest list; and, also supported by their travel operator Shaadi Destinations made a safe and memorable stayed for their destination wedding in Cancun.

Of course, all the team involved in the wedding took all the pertinent precautions related to the Covid-19, such as the use of the mask during the entire event and anti-bacterial gel.

The wedding took placed in El Dorado Resort and Spa in Cancun, literately this place is a piece of paradise in front of the sea, and incredible photogenic to your destination wedding.

As we mentioned earlier the guest list got small, only 8 members of the immediate family participated in the wedding. Once everyone was settled in this paradise, they were ready for the next three days of celebrations in honor of Monica and Ronak.

Day 1 - Bridal Mehndi

Day one started in the afternoon with the traditional Bridal Mehndi, for this ritual, Monica was accompanied by her mom and took place in a private salon of the hotel, which was perfectly decorated for the occasion by Pistilo Floral Studio. Later the groom and the rest of the family joined. The incredible and exquisite mehndi design was from Loto Mehndi.

Day 2 - Pithi Ceremony

For day two they had Pithi Ceremony, which is an auspicious ritual performed for good luck. This ceremony took place at the Palapa Ganesh at El Dorado Resort for this day the decoration was also in charge of Pistilo Floral Studio. Monica and Ronak got a little messy with the pithi paste, but that moment leaved us an incredible postal of joy and happiness for the couple. For the finale, they ran directly to the sea with their clothes on it.

Day 3 - Indian Wedding Ceremony

Monica and Ronak´s big day finally arrived. The day started with Monica getting ready in her hotel room, her hair and makeup were in charge by Sara Tamargo and her team. After that Monica put on a gorgeous red traditional Indian gown signed by Sabyasachi. While Ronak the groom was getting ready on his own in his hotel room, the groom wore a traditional outfit signed by Manyavar.

In the meantime, outside everything was ready, every detail was in place, and they were ready for a first look moment. The couple shared a special encounter, and both looked surprised and excited at the same time. After a few minutes, they were ready for the Indian wedding ceremony.

The wedding ceremony began with the arrival of the groom, and later it continued with the arrival of the bride walking towards the mandap. For those who feel curious, in Indian weddings, the mandap represents the home that the bride and groom will make together, such a powerful meaning.

Once the wedding ceremony was over and before sitting down to dinner, the couple had an incredible photo session on the shore of the beach at sunset, at the same time we too had the opportunity to film unforgettable shots of the couple. By then the couple had already changed their outfits, the bride especially wore an electric blue dress that caused an incredible visual impact combined with the sunset colors.

As wedding videographers, we are always grateful for the incredible weather and stunning sunset’s in Riviera Maya (well in any beach in Mexico pretty much) because it is unmatched, and they serve us as the perfect background, this certainly helps a lot to have unique photos and video on your wedding day.

Finally, it was time for the wedding dinner, an elegantly decorated table with floral details awaited them on the hotel beach, in the moonlight; it was the perfect time to say a few words and toast.

Monica and Ronak had a spectacular Indian Wedding, with a lot of moments of joy to treasure. It may not be the time they wanted, but it is the time they needed. And despite all the challenges, they had the wedding they dreamed of surrounded by their closest family.

We want to thank the incredible team that made Monica and Ronak's

Destination Wedding more than spectacular:

Wedding Planner and Designer: JC Castillo Weddings

Video: Ruiz Films

Mehndi: Loto Mehndi

Decor and Florals: Pistilo Floral Studio

Table Rentals: Deco in a Bag

Bridal Outfits: Sabyasachi and Aisha Rao

Groom Outfit: Manyavar

As you have probably noticed by now, a new trend is here (and we believe that it will be here for the rest of the year) of small and intimate weddings but without sacrificing attention to detail.

Dear brides and grooms do not forget that no matter if you are planning a big or small wedding; your wedding day is special.

Additionally, we recommend you check all the regulations and guidelines put in place by international governments before start planning your wedding to ensure a happy and safe stay.

If you are looking for great cinematography for your destination wedding in Cancun or any other place in Mexico, we are the team that you are looking for, we have all the experienced, equipment, and more importantly a big desire to be part of your destination wedding; if you want to see more Indian Destination Weddings in our portfolio, check out our website.



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