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Recognized as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Cartagena has become a classic destination for special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, the diversity in its colorful houses and streets has attracted couples from all over the world to come and celebrate their special days in this beautiful port city!

This tropical oasis has more than plenty of picture-perfect locations to create timeless memories, colorful colonial architecture decorate the cobblestone streets of this Colombian city. Whether you decide to spend your wedding day at the beach or a venue, both will look perfect in your wedding film!

The city can turn into a special memory for your partner, all your loved ones, and you, as you decide to come together in marriage. There are plenty of beaches and tropical islands surrounding the town, becoming quite popular over the years, you can also find some private beach clubs for those who prefer a smaller wedding. 

Cartagena is rich in colonial and historical venues, with fountains, terraces, and pools that will make you look like you’re in the middle of an old film, with such a timeless vibe!

This city deserves to be looked at, we advise you to take your time beforehand to find the best place to suit you and your partner! We can even recommend a wedding planner to help you out and choose the right place.

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